Sunday, July 26, 2009

Favorite Weekend

Jason, Jamey and Wes. These 3 are some of my favorite people in all the world. Having all of them together in one place is one of those times that I am at my very happiest. They are like big brothers to me and I think that they each helped hang the moon.

Friday was Jamey's 30th birthday, so Wes, Jason and I hit the road to surprise him in Tennessee to celebrate. (Or so we thought - too bad he had seen an email that ruined it - oh well!) We went to dinner with Jamey, his wife Gretchen and Belton and Jerry Caldwell and had a blast. We quickly ran the rest of the folks out of the room in the restaurant that we went to, but we didn't really care... :)

We stayed the night in Bristol with the Bowlings enjoying birthday cake and funny stories, and the boys christened the new Tiger Woods on the wii until sometime in the middle of the night.

The next day brought some playtime with Mary and James, Jamey and Gretchen's precious children. They are darling and we rarely get to see them, so we soaked up some fun with them.James took Jason on in some wii boxing and, well, beat him handily when Jason really was trying to win. Which you can clearly tell by the look on his face...competition with a 3-year-old doesn't mean he's going to let him win.We headed home by way of a very curvy section of 421 (that I barely survived) to swing through Boone for a little lunch at Macado's and, of course, a check-in at "The Rock" to see how the renovations are coming along. Ahh, College Football... Right around the corner! It was so fun to stroll around campus with the boys and hear so many stories from their days at App.It was a perfect weekend. I was content for every second of it, and that's such a nice feeling... Happy Birthday, Jamey! We love you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Precious Angels

Last Sunday was Baptism day for sweet Will & Jack. Family and friends came from near and far to see these precious boys on their big day, and be a part of promising to always lead them in faith and guide them spiritually. I, as usual, cried like a baby during the service and laughed at how adorable babies can be during a baptism. Jack seemed pretty comfortable with it all, but Will tried two or three time to avoid the water on his head before he was finally officially baptized. In addition to their uncles, their godmothers and godmothers are both sets of twins. I felt a little bit like we were in the midst of a Doublemint commercial all day. :)A year of prayer and support for these gorgeous children and their family has turned out oh-so-beautifully and they are truly gifts to all who meet them. It was a precious and wonderful day for everyone!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Does anyone have a Dinglehopper?

I had the girls on Saturday, and the rain killed our patio tea party, so we opted for a round of dress-up instead.

Gabby pulled out their "Little Mermaid" wig and demanded that I put it on her. I laughed so hard I couldn't stand it. Ariel looked r-o-u-g-h.

But look at that smile!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Birthday, A Baby Shower, and Engagement Pictures!

These last couple of weeks have been marked with all sorts of milestones and celebrations. Summer is just so stinkin' busy. But it's great!

First, the cutest little monkeys in the world turned 1! Happy Birthday, Jack and Will! How FAR you have come in a year!

Katie and William hosted a "Champagne & Cupcakes" party for everyone. Jack and Will didn't last long, but the party was so fun for the whole crew!

Me with precious Will
Jack fell asleep with Jamie :)

The "Champagne & Cupcakes!"

Let's pretend my eyes aren't closed in this one, as it's cute of everyone else!

Fast forward about 14 hours, and we had a baby shower for Shanna! Baby Ashley is coming in mid-August, and this kid is going to be all set. It was a beautiful day for the shower and we had a great time.
My Wolfpack Crew. I love how Ames has her hand on her hip - so typical. :)

And Amanda came to surprise Shanna! So so fun.
I got to take pictures for Elizabeth & Nick's engagement announcement/Save the Date cards. It was a perfect day for some photos. Meet my future brother-in-law!