Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lila Bug

(Let's just dive right in and pretend I haven't been AWOL for a month...)
Last week I met Lila and Julie at the pumpkin patch for what I thought would be just a few quick pictures, because let's face it, a 13-month-old generally doesn't last very long for these sorts of things. Wrong-o. An hour and a half and 294 pictures later, we finally called it quits only because the sun was sinking so fast.This girl is DARLING. She wants to be moving all. the. time. and DOES NOT like that bow. If I took 294 pictures, then Julie tried to get the darn thing in her hair at least 295 times. It was a valiant effort, Julie! We at least got a few. And at the end, she found a nice stick to chew on. And I SO loved that Julie didn't run over and get it from her, she just let her go for it.Julie, I had so much fun with you guys! I can't wait to do it again when she's walking. Who knows how all over the place she'll be then?!