Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rock the Blue & Gold

Call me a nerd. I LOVED high school. L-O-V-E-D. I am such a sucker for all of the things like this in my life that make me a total dork, but I don't even CARE. And on that list (I can go into this some other time) is high school. We're talking I have not one, but two Mount Tabor Christmas tree ornaments. (One of which was given to me by dear Wesley, as he always appreciates the dork in me - and I love him for that...) The 4 years I spent there meant a lot to me. Some of the greatest people that I know came from my time there, and I don't take that lightly. So call me a nerd - I can take it.

So, when the time came to saddle up and plan our 1o Year Reunion, you better believe I was all over it. But let me tell you people, getting folks there is hard. People have a lot going on and apparently not everyone loved high school like I did (WHAT?!) So, after MONTHS of planning, everything came together this past weekend.

And let me tell you something. We had a GOOD time.

After having a big fat attitude check on Friday afternoon and telling myself to get over my funk about the folks that didn't come and focus on the ones that did, I was in MUCH better spirits. :) Our first stop was at Fox and Hound for "Happy Hour" and it was a TRIP. Every time the door opened my mouth dropped open. People showed up in droves and it was absolutely, positively hilarious. There were stories of marriages and children and career for a bit, but then we all ended up turning back the clock with some good ole MTH stories that made my stomach hurt.

Saturday started with a tour of the school. This may sound odd, but Tabor is much different than it was when we were there, so we wanted to get a look at what all they had done since our fabulous class left the building. We had some precious Junior and Senior boys as our tour guides, and once we hit the "old" building and started telling stories, we had them rolling with some of the tales that we shared. We didn't start off cool, but just old I think - by the end, though, I think we were fairly cool. :)

That night was the "finale" of the whole weekend - a semi-formal event downtown at Millenium Center, where we actually had our Senior Prom ten years ago. We had a blast there as well, and before you knew it there was a dance party going that still has my back and knees screaming at me. There's not a person there that didn't have a good time, and although we missed the folks that didn't make it, a blast was had by all that were there.It was a ton of work, but it was all SO worth it. I can't wait to see what things will be like in another 10 years for round 2.

And oh yes, GO SPARTANS.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Running on a Treadmill

Sometimes that's what life feels like for me. Just flies by and I can't pinpoint where I've been or what I've done or who I've seen until I sit down for 2 seconds to think, but when does that happen? I THRIVE on being busy busy busy and not being idle, but I feel like sometimes my body is just screaming at me "STOP! Just for a SECOND! PLEASE?!?!"

I hardly listen.

So, since Wes' party, here's what has been going on. At least that I have pictures of. Please fasten your seatbelt, as I don't wait for slowpokes.

1. A visit with Baby Addison
I headed to Shanna and Brian's to see the sweet little one, and he is ALL SORTS of some cuteness. He's happiest to sleep on the chest of the person holding him, with his arms pulled in and his knees sticking out like a little tree frog. I could have stayed there curled up with him all night!
2. Elizabeth & Nick's Engagement Party
My parents have AMAZING friends. They are like extra sets of parents to us, and we know we could call on any of them just as quickly as we could call on our own mom and dad. And believe me, we have. They came together on the 29th and threw one heck of a cocktail party for the bride and groom and family and friends were all there, and we. had. a. blast.
Mom managed to scramble every egg in North Carolina the next morning for brunch at the house. How I do love my family... They are all CRAZY, yes, but I do love them. Because what else can you do???

3. Kenny Chesney in Raleigh
"WHAT?!" you say! Yes, folks, I went to Kenny Chesney. Not one of those crazy die-hard fans (those people, by the way, were NUTS), but a fun crowd was going, and I love love love me some summertime live music. So we packed up the coolers and slathered on some sunscreen and people-watched like I have n-e-v-e-r done before and had a grand time. I had such a massive lack of sleep once this weekend finally ended, but it was so worth it. I don't think I recovered, however, for about 4 days.


(I will give you a moment to wave a flag or sing a fight song or yell at a referee (I am particularly good at the last of those choices...) Whoever decided that "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" was best suited as a Christmas song was on drugs. Or didn't grow up in the South. Or doesn't know my daddy.)

(4a) Wolfpack in the House! The Thursday before Labor Day I left work early (YAHOO!) and headed to dear ole Carter Finley decked out in my reddest red to watch my Wolfpack take on South Carolina. We had a great tailgate, I was "pretty good at cornhole, for a girl" (Thanks, Matt) and I even got to take Ryan to his first State game.
We will not talk about the game itself, because there were some sad and frustrated and confused Wufs leaving Raleigh that night...

(4b) On to the Black and Gold at Wake!
(They lost too - whatever, a new weekend and new games are right around the corner....) But we had fun, as always!!!

So there you have it...much more to come this weekend! Stay tuned!