Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Gracious

These faces make my heart melt ALL. THE. TIME.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Boys Oh Boys

Not to beat a dead (and buried) horse, but man do I love little boys.  I love love love little girls, too, but little boys definitely have the fastest to track to my heart.  I think that the biggest joke that God could play on me one day would be to give me all girls when I have kids.  I will undeniably love them to the moon and back, but I will also hope that they will play football. :)

I got to hang out with Fletcher & Finley again this past weekend.  I took pictures of them about 9 months ago and was thrilled to get to see them again.  When they pulled up at Graylyn on Saturday their mom, Edie, jumped out of the car nearly before it was stopped and asked me to please tell Finley what a big boy he looked like in his outfit.  I love a Southern little boy in a John-John - and I knew that Edie must have had an "I'm not a baby anymore" struggle with Finley before meeting me, so I had to do a little affirming damage control to get things started.  The little brothers always grow out of that stage quicker, and I feel like it must break the hearts of the moms...

But anyway, these boys are CUTE.

It was hot and humid and sticky on Saturday, but we managed to hang out under the trees for the most part, and the clouds even rolled in at one point to make me smile and hide the sun just long enough to run around in the huge field for some fun shots.

Fletcher is getting so so very handsome - and BIG, about to finish Kindergarten and lose all sorts of teeth! Finley has SO much to say now.  He had all sorts of stories to tell me and was fascinated by my camera.  Nine months has made a HUGE difference with these boys, just like it does with all kids...

Thanks, boys, for letting me hang out with you again!  I hope to see you again soon!