Sunday, July 29, 2012

SIX! This calls for a sleepover...

My sweet triplets turned six last week.  Cue me feeling ancient, I still remember wrapping their gifts when they turned one...

A dance party was in order - with all the trimmings, of course.  Stacy had some sweet, dear teenage girls on hand to do hair and makeup for the ballerinas, and it was a hoot to see them all dolled up.  Even if the lipstick was a little, ahem, bold.

The girls had a great time.  Lulu of course joined in not aware, not even a little bit, that she is only 2.  I even got out there and danced a little and for a second I think I felt 6, too.

I even got to have a little date with my Viv that day, which was a cherry on top of the party for me.

I think it's safe to say the birthday girls had a good time.  Gosh they are cute.

As a total surprise, I had arranged with Stacy to let the girls come spend the night at my apartment that night.  I wondered if they would be hesitant, as they had never gone on a sleepover before.  I was wrong.  I pulled into the driveway to pick them up and there they all stood, screaming, clutching their pillows and jumping up and down.

We had the BEST time.  Out to dinner and a movie, past their bedtime, with popcorn AND cookies.  We were living on the edge.  We had every blanket and pillow I own plus three sleeping bags piled into the center of my den, toys everywhere, lovies everywhere, and it was heaven to me.  During the movie Caroline snuggled up with me and said "Becca, can we please do this again?" and as they were falling asleep I heard Gabby say to Sophie "Soph, hasn't this been the most fun ever?"  I felt like George Banks when he hears the kids yell 'I love you' to each other across the hall the night before the wedding in Father of the Bride.  Talk about pulling on my heartstrings.

And one of my favorite parts was hearing cartoons from the shower the next morning and coming out to find this:

The sleepover was a huge success.

Happy Birthday, my precious girls.  I love you!