Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday Bird

A year ago today I knew that this girl was coming on that day.  Early.  She was too tiny and needed to join the world so she could get a little help growing.

I had just pulled into the bank parking lot for a quick ATM run before a baseball game with folks from work when I finally had a text from her dad.  She didn't have a name yet, but she was here.  A teeny little 3 pounds, 7 ounces, but doing okay.  I don't remember a single thing from that baseball game...

A little later, a text from her mom.  Her sweet little name was Eliza James, and they were not sure of a single thing except that they were already totally in love with her.

Her mom was one of my roommates in college.  To say we've been through it all and then back again would be an understatement.  She is one million of my memories.  We hadn't been in touch for a while for what seemed like a lot of reasons but no good reasons at all, really.  But now?  Now this baby girl was here.  And I couldn't not know her.  I couldn't.  It's just not how I was made.  She changed everything.

In December of last year I got to meet and hold her sweet little self for the first time and I was 100% hooked.  She was the smallest and most adorable thing and I cried some big ugly tears alone in my car when I left.  In February I went back to see her again.  And just two days ago I snuck up to her family's vacation house in the Virginia mountains and surprised her.  Well fine, I really went to surprise her mom. :)

This little girl is a fighter.  She's happy and healthy and the best baby ever.  She's a bitty little 14 pounds of love and healing.  She's definitely helped heal something big in me.

Happy Birthday, you precious, precious little E-Bird.  Do you have any idea how much you are loved?!