Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

I am by no means any sort of 'professional' photographer, so when I get a call from someone that I don't even know asking to take pictures, I am incredibly humbled. The thought that something that I just happen love to do is something that has value to someone enough that they pass along my name is a big deal to me. So was the case when the mother of these two precious boys called me for a little photo shoot in Old Salem.

Meet Fletcher and Finley. I've said it before, that I love any and all children. I love boys and I love girls, but I L-O-V-E boys. I love bruised knees and silly giggles and funny jokes and the unreal eyelashes that boys seem to always get that us girls would die for. Fletcher and Finley were no exception. These boys were a HOOT. We ran around Salem College like we owned the place. My favorite moment was rounding the corner to see a bride having her portrait done. The boys froze at the sight of a big white dress that looked like it needed a little dirt. She froze at the sight of two little boys with a certain look in their eyes that made her nervous. We avoided each other, but that split second made me giggle.

Enough from me - just enjoy these two for a minute.

Thank you Salem College for your yummy red bricks and fabulous doorways...
Occasionally I am a little proud of a picture. I am in love with this one of Finley. I want to go swimming in those eyes...Big Brothers are for telling secrets. Apparently Fletcher knows a good one.
Thank you for calling, Edie. I had a wonderful time and hope we will do it again!