Monday, March 26, 2012

Blink and You'll Miss It...

This Friday I took all of about 30 minutes to stop by part of Vivi's 6th birthday.  On the brink of her first sleepover, she and the crew were having pizza first in the 'party room' in the back of Mario's.  One step through the front of the restaurant and I could hear the mass of squealing and girliness all the way in the back of the restaurant.  When I opened the doors to their room, I realized that - although certainly plenty loud enough - these girls had really just been on mute up until then.

It was chaos, 7 girls seemed like 70.  They ran all around the tiny little room and Jen sat next to me looking scared for her life about what the next 12 to 14 hours would be like.  I laughed and told her to call my mom, a professional slumber party mother.  If there were ever a gold medal in such a thing, my mother would be a champion over and over and over again.

But then it was time for cake.  They all just got louder and squealier as they gathered around the table.  But after singing, for a SPLIT second, there was silent anticipation and a flash of time for her to make her wish and blow out her candles.

I see so much of life - of life's moments - from behind my camera.  It's how I am used to experiencing so many of the moments that I am present for - mine or anyone else's.  I am often trying to freeze time to preserve a memory for someone else, but every now and then I catch a shot that will stick with me forever, too.

She's growing up lightning fast...but I'm sure part of me - and everyone else who loves her - will always see her as this little girl...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh Abe...

I've said before how much of an Abraham Lincoln nut I am....

Yesterday my cousin, while on the phone with me from DC taking a walk on his lunch break, got a little tripped up and then says to me "Whoa, sorry, ran into Abraham Lincoln."

I'm what???

Turns out he was walking past Madame Tussaud's and ole Abe was out front from the President's Gallery exhibit getting a little sun on a nice Spring day...

Once getting this photo from him, my response to him was this:

"Looking good!  Looks like he's about to run out into the street and join the Electric Slide or something."

"Actually, he's across the street from Fords."

"Dude, he needs to run the OTHER way then!.....Oh wait.....Theatre or Gerald and Betty?"


"Okay.  Definitely run then.  Run, Abe - RUN!"

Sometimes the dumbest things crack me up for hours...  :)