Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Favorite Days

I am a girl with a REALLY good memory.  It doesn't take much to make something stick.  I am phenomenal with phone numbers, can remember an insane amount of addresses, am the queen of song lyrics and movie lines,  and drive people crazy when I say "Remember the time...?" and no one else does.

I can, by default, store about all of it, but I love to really hold on to the good stuff.  Like LuLu's baptism this past Sunday.

I've said it a ton of times and I will say it again - it is a BIG DEAL to me to get to be there for big moments for the children that I love so dearly.  Whether that be a birthday party (I went on tour for those yesterday, that is FOR SURE), school plays, sporting events, you name it.  I can't tell you how many baptisms I have witnessed, but it is a lot.  Any every single one is so very special.  So Sunday, there I was again to watch precious LuLu get her turn.

It made me laugh from the front of the auditorium at First Presbyterian in the reserved seats, because there I was with dear Amy, who keeps the girls ALL the time, on the front row, constantly shuffling the girls during the service.  Between me, Amy, Matt, Stacy and Stacy's parents, the girls went round and round and round.  I started off with LuLu, then had Sophie for a while, then she swapped out with Gabby, then Caroline was on my hip as we left church.  But that's how it always is.

Since LuLu is a little bit older than most children are when they are baptized, she is a little, ahem, busier - and more vocal - than most.  Right after the minister baptized her from a bowl of water on the altar and began to pray, LuLu reached back over into the bowl and proceeded to splash her hands around in it for the remainder of the prayer.  I'm so glad everyone just let her do it because it was such a precious moment.  Right as the prayer ended, LuLu looked right at Amy and me, and right into the microphone, said "WATER!".

It was a great day with some of my favorite people.  I remember when Caroline, Gabby and Sophie were up there for their big day and it seems like that just happened.  And now they are FIVE, as of yesterday.  Sigh...

Here's to wonderful things to remember and to favorite days.  How very blessed I am to have oh so many of them...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Southern Summer...

How cute is Miss Olivia???