Sunday, September 7, 2014

Addie Girl

Oh, sweet Addie Compton...  Just like the two Bruce babies before you, I took one look at you and was madly in love.  Hooked.  However many babies your mom and dad have, I will love them all like crazy.

I had a very early text from your mom yesterday that you were on your way, and just two hours later, a call from her that you were here and were already about an hour old.  You came quick, sweet pea.  Just like with your brother, she sounded like she had maybe done nothing more strenuous than going to the grocery store when I talked to her.  She was made for this.

When I walked in to see you this morning your mom - up, showered, dressed - was perched in a chair, no signs of having had a long day yesterday.  Your silly daddy was in the hospital bed. :)  You, my dear, were right at the start of all sorts of little tests in your bassinet, so I held your little hand while a nurse poked and prodded and pricked your tiny little heel for a blood test.  I instantly thought you looked more like Mac than Emerson, but no matter who you look like, you are just absolutely precious.

Yesterday when I talked to your mom on the phone and asked her to tell me about you, she told me that you were very squishy, and I agree.  I told your dad that my favorite part of you is where the bottom of your neck meets your shoulder - lots of little skin folds and still a little newborn fuzz and just soft soft soft.  Squishy. :)  Your cheeks are the best - they are Bruce cheeks and look like your daddy's and your sister's and those that your dear Poppy had.  I know he is so proud of you.

I love that you are here for so many reasons, but a lot because it means that there's a little bit more of your mom and of your dad in the world, and that is such a good thing.  Your dad is one of a kind.  He has the biggest heart and the kindest smile and has such a deep soul.  Anything that you get from him will be genuine and will be good.

Your mom is part of my heart.  She's my best friend in all the world and we are often a little bit the same person.  As if on cue today, a nurse walked in and looked at us and said "Oh, your sister is here."  We've heard it a million times and it never gets old.  If you get an ounce of her grace and patience and incredible compassion for others, you will be the dearest person in the world.  We've done life together.  I'm so glad you get to do life with her, too.  I glanced at her while she took a nap today while you took a nap with me and thought about how proud I am of her.  You will be, too.

Your sister and brother.  Oh honey.  What a family jackpot you have hit.  When anyone heard you were on the way, everyone guessed you'd be another brother.  But the second I saw the first photo of Emerson holding you, I figured out why it is that you were a sister instead.  It was for her.  She has won the lottery to have a little sister to love.  And oh you will ADORE her.  I sure do.  She has your daddy's heart and your mom's giggle and a million things of her own that make her just the best.  She has totally figured out how to get anything and everything she could ever want from me, so I'm sure she'll teach you how to do the same.  :)  And your brother?  He's the happiest kid on the planet.  I'm sure he's thrilled you're a girl so he can stay a mama's boy.  You will be the coolest girl ever because you will know EVERYTHING about every ball and big truck that you ever see.  If you learn anything from him, I can only hope it is how to be joyful always.  He's got it mastered.

I can't wait to watch you grow, precious baby girl.  I'll be here every step of the way.  But please, please, just don't do it too fast.

I love you -
Aunt Becca


Maggie said...

My goodness, that is one beautiful baby!

Gloria said...

How beautiful Rebecca. It has surely made me cry but they good happy tears. What a writer you are. Everything you have said is true and what joy we will all have to see her grow up.